nce upon a time, a little girl imagined a place where dreams could become a reality. Each day she spent hours laying in thick fields, gazing at the sky. The clouds whirled above her, creating a show of wonder and amazement. A soft breeze lulled her into a slumber, where she dreamt of dancing on pink, fluffy clouds beneath candy skies. She tip toed off a cloud and floated with an umbrella, like a free bird in the sky. Where did she land? Well, only she knows—many say it was in the land of Make Believe.

Much like that little girl’s dream, the creation of Make Believe Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets was a dream that took shape over the past few years. The soft pastel tones and hazy nature of these actions was heavily inspired by the natural landscapes found in Seaside, Florida. Photographers can use Make Believe actions to create their own dreamy processing for their images.