The Seaside Set

Fourteen years ago, I experienced the Seaside area for the first time. As many have, I immediately fell in love with its beaches, vibe, and colorful landscape. Seaside has always been a huge inspiration to me, especially in how I post-process. I wanted my own images to give off that same colorful enchantment that Seaside holds so dear.

Purchase the Seaside Set and drape your images with candy skies and pastel hues to give your own photos a whimsical, dream-like look. With 60 different Photoshop actions to choose from, there’s so much to explore! Each action is fully customizable to match your own style—keep it subtle or be vibrant!

Price: $120
Photoshop CS3 and above required   |   PC and MAC compatible

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Seaside Set List

1. Aloe (Red reducer—works great for skin tones)
2. A Sight to Sea (Adds cool blue tones)
3. Beachside Cabana (For a clean, cool look)
4. Better Than Chocolate (Sweet sepia tone)
5. Campfire (Hazy red tone)
6. Candy Skies (Teal tone to liven up skies)
7. Catchlight (Great for adding light to your subjects eyes)
8. Cherry on Top (Polisher to reduce grain)
9. Circus (A fun fashion-inspired action)
10 Coconut Lip Balm (Gorgeous pink ballet slipper tint)
11. Cork The Whine (Black and white with a pretty red wine tint)
12. Cotton Candy (Dreamy cotton candy pink tint)
13. Day Dream (Gives a day dream feel)
14. Deep Sea (Fixes images that have started to fall flat with processing)
15. Emerald Coast (For a hazy, yellow warmth)
16. Flip Flops (Makes any image brighter)
17. Free Bird (Creates a beautiful white haze with lavender undertones)
18. Golden Afternoon (Pink tones and warm haze)
19. Goldie Locks (Slightly sharpens the image with a slight color pop)
20. Goodnight Moon (Great for fixing overexposure)
21. Grainy Day (Adds grain to any image)
22. High Tide (Sharpens and boosts color)
23. Holly Golightly (Helps fix underexposure)
24. Honey Bee (Warm honey tone)
25. Ice Cream Cone (Yummy vanilla tone)
26. Just Peachy (Soft peachy tone)
27. Lavender Bikini (Pretty lavender tone)
28. Let There Be Light (Provides a strong midtone lift)
29. Light Haze (Lightens and adds a white haze to your image)
30. Marooned (Black and white with a maroon tint)
31. Mermaid (Black and white with a pink tint)
32. Monarch (Dainty pink hazy tint)
33. More Clarity (Sharpens your image)
34. Nostalgia (A soft, faded black and white process)
35. No Surf (Takes a snapshot of your history and flattens your image)
36. Ooh La La (Adds a slight warm tone to your image)
37. Peaches and Cream (Pretty creamy tone)
38. Pearl (Creates a vintage look)
39. Pink Cloud (Dream inspired)
40. Red Bar (Unique red hue)
41. Sea Foam (Creates a faded look)
42. Shadow Boxer (Lifts harsh shadows)
43. Shovel and Pale (Vintage black and white look)
44. Shovel and Pale Color (Vintage color look)
45. Silhouette Boost (Strengthens silhouettes)
46. Silver Shell (Black and white process with a silver tone)
47. Skin Smoother (Smooth out uneven skin texture)
48. Snapshot (Marks your place during the editing process)
49. Starry Night (Creates a dreamy fade)
50. Sundaze (Golden tone with some added purple midtones)
51. Sunny (Warms your image)
52. Sweet BW (A classic black and white)
53. Sweetly (Color boost, with a gorgeous dream-like quality)
54. Tickled Pink (Adds a subtle pink and warm tone)
55. Tin Roof (Black and white with an industrial tone)
56. Umbrellas (Color boost with a warm sunny tone)
57. Vacation (Strong color pop)
58. Watersound (Grainy, lightly tinted black and white process)
59. Wonderland (Blue and green vintage process)
60. Yellow Kite (Yellow gradient haze)